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Spring Festival of Dance and Music An Evening of Dance
April 7,2017 at 06:00 pm

At 6:00 pm Kathak Group Recital By Manjiri Kiran from Jaipur, disciple of Smt Rohini Bhate, Smt Sanjeevini Kulkarni and Shri Haider


When the Gods begin to dance in Angkor
April 20,2017 at 06:30 pm

Indian Archaeology   Architecture for the Dancing God: Hall with Dancers in the Jayavarman VII Temples. Speaker: Dr. Swati Chemburk


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  • Date: November 7,2012

    Time: 06:30 pm

    Venue: Rose Garden

    Title: Carnatic Violin Duet


    Presented by Ganesh and Kumaresh
    Accompanists: R. Sankaranarayanan (mridangam); and Trichy Krishna (ghatam)