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  • Date: April 18,2018

    Time: 06:00 PM

    Venue: Seminar Halls I,II & III

    Title: IIC Quarterly Release Winter 2017 Spring 2018


    South Asia’s Sporting Mosaic

    Edited by Ronojoy Sen and Omita Goyal


    Release by Dr. Karan Singh


    Followed by a panel discussion with eminent sportspersons, academics and journalists

    Names of the panelists will be announced later

  • Date: July 14,2014

    Time: 06:30 pm

    Venue: Seminar Halls I,II & III

    Title: Inner Recesses Outer Spaces


    Speakers: Dr. Devaki Jain; Smt Jaya Jaitly; and Shri Sumit Chakravartty

    Chair: Dr.  Kapila  Vatsyayan


    (Collaboration: Niyogi Books)

  • Date: November 9,2013

    Time: 06:30pm

    Venue: Seminar Halls I,II & III

    Title: Is Bhaav Still Alive?


    Rasik Meet the Artist

    Is Bhaav Still Alive?

    Presentations by Smt Leela Samson; and Shri T.M. Krishna

    Moderator: Prof. Rajeev Bhargava

    (Collaboration: Seher)

  • Date: January 15,2013

    Time: 06:30pm

    Venue: Seminar Halls I,II & III

    Title: Is Freedom of Expression under Threat in the Digital Age?


    Panelists: Ms Kirsty Hughes, CEO, Index on Censorship; Shri Ajit Balakrishnan, Founder and CEO, Rediff.com; Shri Sunil Abraham, Executive Director, Centre for Internet and Society, Bengaluru; Prof Timothy Garton Ash, Director of Free Speech Debate project, Oxford University; and Mr Ramanjit Singh Chima, Senior Policy Analyst, Google India

    Chair: Shri T.N. Ninan, President, Editors Guild of India

    Introduction: Shri Vijay Naik, General Secretary, Editors Guild of India

    Who, if anyone, can or should police the Web? How do we protect freedom of expression online in the face of demands to respect religious, political or cultural sensitivities? How do we stop new technology from turning the Web into a snooper’s paradise for police or governments?

    (Collaboration: Editors Guild of India, Index on Censorship and Sage)