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A mehfil with Vidushi Jayashree Patnekar
March 25,2017 at 06:30pm

A mehfil with Vidushi Jayashree Patnekar (Khayal) Accompanied by Bharat Kamat (tabla) and Suyog Kundalkar (harmonium)   Jayashree R.


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Age cannot wither Shakespeare 400

Date: December 9,2016

Time: 06:30 pm

Venue: C. D. Deshmukh Auditorium

Title: Age cannot wither Shakespeare 400


Sonnets: Recitation and Song

Recitations: Sunit Tandon; Sabina Mehta Jaitly; Shormistha Panja; and Anhad  Anand

Songs: Justin McCarthy (harpsichord) and Sunanda Rao Erdem and others (vocal)


Coordinator: Bhaskar Ghose